Daniel v. State

In Daniel v. State, 64 Ark. App. 98, 983 S.W.2d 146 (1998), a juvenile delinquency case, we held that an interim adjudication order dated August 19, 1997, that required the juvenile to return to the court on August 27, 1997, for a disposition hearing, was not a final order for purposes of appeal. Although the Court allowed the appellant to supplement the appeal record to include the subsequent disposition order dated September 8, 1997, the Court held that we lacked jurisdiction to review the merits of appellant's case because the September 8 order was not designated as an order appealed from in appellant's notice of appeal, stating: A notice of appeal must designate the judgment or order appealed from, Ark. R. App. P.--Civ. 3(e) (1998), and orders not mentioned in a notice of appeal are not properly before the appellate court. Citing Shipman, supra. Because the final appealable order was not designated in appellant's notice of appeal, and because the August 19, 1997, order that was designated in appellant's notice is not a final order, we cannot reach the merits of appellant's argument regarding the adjudication hearing. (Daniel, 64 Ark. App. at 100, 983 S.W.2d at 147.)