Decision to Grant Continuance In Arkansas

The decision to grant or deny a continuance is a matter within the trial court's discretion; the decision will not be reversed on appeal absent an abuse of that discretion. Webster v. State, 284 Ark. 206, 680 S.W.2d 906 (1984). Moreover, under our rules the court may grant a continuance only upon a showing of good cause and only for so long as necessary. Godbold v. State, 336 Ark. 251, 983 S.W.2d 939 (1999). Further, there must be a showing of prejudice before we will consider the denial of a continuance as an abuse of discretion. Kilgore v. State, 313 Ark. 198, 852 S.W.2d 810 (1993). The burden is on the appellant to demonstrate that the trial court erred in refusing to grant the continuance. Webster, supra.