Dixon v. Ledbetter

In Dixon v. Ledbetter, 262 Ark. 758, 561 S.W.2d 294 (Ark. 1978), the court found the testimony of the expert, relaying figures given to him by a non-testifying subcontractor, was properly admitted under Rule 703 where the expert relied upon those figures to calculate the overall cost of repair. In so ruling, the court noted: "The test stated in the rule is whether the expert's reliance is reasonable. It was not prima facie unreasonable for the expert witness in this case to ascertain the cost of the required pieces of sheet metal by consulting a supplier.... The same cost figure could have been shown by calling the supplier as a witness. That cumbersome procedure is now readily avoidable; for the expert witness can be cross-examined about his expertise in the matter and about the reasonableness of the supplier's estimate." (561 S.W.2d at 296.)