National Credit Corp. v. Ritchey

In National Credit Corp. v. Ritchey, 252 Ark. 106, 477 S.W.2d 488 (1972), the supreme court adopted the following view expressed in Nicola v. Pacific Gas and Electric Co., 50 Cal. App. 2d 612, 123 P.2d 529: "If wax is applied to a floor it must be in such a manner as to afford reasonably safe conditions for the proprietor's invitees, and if such compounds cannot be used on a particular type of floor material without the violation of the duty to exercise ordinary care for the safety of invitees, they should not be used at all. Of course slipperiness is an elastic term. From the fact that a floor is slippery does not necessarily result that it is dangerous to walk upon. It is the degree of slipperiness that determines whether the condition is reasonably safe. This is a question of fact."