Wright v. American Transp

In Wright v. American Transp., 18 Ark. App. 18, 21, 709 S.W.2d 107, 110 (1986), the Court concluded that the Commission's decision in that case did not "constitute such a finding as enables this court to make a meaningful review of the case and a determination of whether . . . the law was . . . properly applied by the Commission." In doing so, we reasoned that: 1 The Commission noted the opinions of Drs. Mulhollan and Sorrells that appellant was too overweight for a total knee replacement surgery to be successful, and Drs. Huang and Keever's opinions that although appellant should lose weight, she was still in need of a total knee replacement. 2 The decision simply failed to offer any meaningful discussion regarding the proposed synsovic injections or additional bracing from any of the physicians on whom the Commission relied for its decision. A claimant is entitled to know the factual findings upon which his claim is denied. In 100 C.J.S. 910, Workmen's Compensation 629, it is stated: "When compensation is denied, findings sufficient to justify such denial must be made." (Wright, 18 Ark. App. at 21-22, 709 S.W.2d at 110.)