Abortion Doctor Drug Rape Case In California

In People v. Ing (1967) 65 Cal. 2d 603 [55 Cal. Rptr. 902, 422 P.2d 590], a 17-year-old girl sought the defendant doctor's aid in obtaining an abortion. A series of four office visits was arranged and on each occasion, the defendant gave the girl a shot which made her feel dizzy after which he had sexual intercourse with her. She "testified that when she received a shot she 'just didn't care about anything,' that she did not believe that she would have had intercourse with defendant had it not been for the shots . . ., and that she never had intercourse with defendant when she was not under the influence of drugs. She further stated that the reason she had continued to see [defendant] was to get the shots, that she became more interested in the shots than in the abortion." (People v. Ing, supra, 65 Cal. 2d at p. 607.) The owner of the rooming house where the girl was staying stated that she "appeared to be 'high' 70 or 80 percent of the time and did not act like a normal '19' year-old girl; that she would be either bleary-eyed and groggy or depressed and moody; that the pupils of her eyes were dilated; and that she wanted to sleep all the time, on occasions would fall asleep while talking, and sometimes slept 18 hours without waking. The witness, who as a student nurse worked with narcotic addicts, further testified that she thought the prosecutrix was on drugs." (People v. Ing, supra, 65 Cal. 2d at p. 608.)