Aiding and Abetting to Burglary Case in California

In People v. Escobar (1992) 7 Cal.App.4th 1430, the issue was the time of formation of the intent of an aider and abettor to burglary in relation to the perpetrator's entry. (Id. at p. 1435.) Escobar, who was charged as an aider and abettor, argued that, since the burglary was complete at the moment the perpetrator first entered the residence, and the perpetrator's second entry to get more loot did not constitute a separate burglary, Escobar could only be convicted if he formed the intent before or at the time of the perpetrator's first entry. (Id. at p. 1435.) The court held that the aider and abettor need only form the intent before or during any one of the perpetrator's entries with the required specific intent. (Id. at p. 1437.)