California Penal Code Section 4019 Subdivision (F) - Interpretation

People v. Smith (1989) 211 Cal.App.3d 523 addressed the same six-days-for-four-days formula of former Penal Code section 4019, subdivision (f), and interpreted that provision. The Smith court concluded that "credits are given in increments of four days." (Smith, supra, at p. 527.) The court calculated presentence custody credit by dividing the 211 actual custody days by four, which "is the equivalent to fifty-two sets of four days, with three extra." (Ibid.) The court multiplied 52 by two, with the result being that the defendant was entitled to 104 days of conduct credit. (Ibid.) The defendant was not entitled to any additional conduct credit for the extra three days he served in actual custody, however. (Ibid.)