California Vacation Policy Example

In Suastez v. Plastic Dress-Up Co. (1982) 31 Cal.3d 774, the vacation policy provided in relevant part: "'VACATIONS '1 week - First Year '2 weeks - Second Year '3 weeks - Fifth Year '4 weeks - Twelfth Year 'Eligibility to be on the employee's anniversary date. 'Time off must be taken during the year of eligibility. No pay will be given in lieu of vacation time. 'No carry-over of vacation from one year to the next. 'Vacation must be scheduled and approved by Management four (4) weeks prior to start of vacation. 'Payment will be made at the employee's request, providing the anniversary date has past and providing advance notice, in writing, (through Department Manager) is given two weeks prior to payment request. 'Payment will be based on forty (40) hours at the current rate of pay. 'No prorating of vacation time.'" (Suastez, supra, 31 Cal.3d at p. 776, fn. 2.)