California the Hospital Lien Law - Civil Code Section 3045.1

Civil Code section 3045.1 provides that a hospital "which furnishes emergency and ongoing medical or other services to any person injured by reason of any accident . . . shall, if the person has a claim against another for damages on account of his or her injuries, have a lien upon the damages recovered, or to be recovered, by the person . . . to the extent of the amount of the reasonable and necessary charges of the hospital . . . ." The lien is effective only if written notice is given "to each person . . . known to the hospital and alleged to be liable to the injured person for the injuries sustained prior to the payment of any moneys to the injured person, his attorney, or legal representative as compensation for the injuries." (Civ. Code, 3045.3.) The hospital must also give written notice to the insurance carrier of the person alleged to be liable for the injuries. (Ibid.) If, after receipt of the required notice, payment is made to the injured person without paying the hospital's lien or "so much thereof as can be satisfied out of 50 percent of the moneys due under any final judgment, compromise or settlement agreement," the payor shall be liable for the amount of the lien that the hospital was entitled to receive. (Id., 3045.4.)