Driver Changing His Shirt In the Middle of the Road Stopping Traffic

In People v. Valdez (1966) 239 Cal. App. 2d 459, a car was stopped in the middle of the road, blocking traffic. The driver was changing his shirt. Officers directed the driver to move along, but he failed to do so and continued to remove his shirt. When the driver pulled into a gas station, officers asked for his license and registration, but the driver claimed he had neither. One of the officers started to write a ticket while the other called for a records check. the driver started to walk away and was placed in the patrol car. He was later found to be in possession of marijuana and secobarbital. (239 Cal. App. 2d at pp. 460-461.) the court noted the officers were entitled to investigate the circumstances of the driver's violation of Vehicle Code section 22502, stopping in the middle of the road. ( Id. at p. 462.)