Mobile Home Definition California

Health and Safety Code sections 18214 and 18215 (generally defining mobilehome park and recreational vehicle park) are a part of the Mobilehome Parks Act (Health & Saf. Code, 18200 et seq.; hereafter, MPA), which regulates the construction and operation of mobilehome parks and recreational vehicle parks. The Mobilehome Parks Act generally defines "mobilehome" and "recreational vehicle" by cross-referencing sections of the Mobilehomes-Manufactured Housing Act (hereafter, MMHA). (Health & Saf. Code, 18211.) The MMHA physically defines "mobilehome" and excludes "recreational vehicle" from the definition. ( Health & Saf. Code, 18008.) and it physically defines "recreational vehicle." (Health & Saf. Code, 18010.) The Mobilehome Residency Law ( Civ. Code, 798 et seq.; hereafter, MRL) governs mobilehome tenancies in mobilehome parks. The MRL most significantly regulates the contents of rental agreements and the termination of tenancies. It generally excludes recreational vehicles from the definition of mobilehome. (Civ. Code, 798.3, subd. (a).) However, it includes recreational vehicles within the definition of mobilehome (with certain exceptions) if the "recreational vehicle occupies a mobilehome site in the park for nine or more continuous months . . . ." (Civ. Code, 798.3, subd. (b)(2).) The Recreational Vehicle Park Occupancy Law ( Civ. Code, 799.20 et seq.; hereafter, RVPOL), however, regulates recreational vehicle tenancies in recreational vehicle parks. The RVPOL generally governs the contents of rental agreements and regulates the removal of recreational vehicles after default. It classifies tenants into three types: "occupant," an owner or operator who has occupied a lot in a park for 30 days or less ( Civ. Code, 799.28); "tenant," an owner or operator who has occupied a lot in a park for more than 30 consecutive days ( Civ. Code, 799.32); and "resident," a tenant who has occupied a lot in a park for nine months or more ( Civ. Code, 799.31). The RVPOL requires that the termination of a "resident" tenancy be for specified reasons similar to the reasons required before a mobilehome tenancy may be terminated under the MRL. (Cf. Civ. Code, 799.70 & 798.56.)