Notice of Entry of Judgment California

Delivery of a conformed copy of the judgment, albeit not a document with the label "notice of entry of judgment," constitutes proper service of notice of entry of judgment under section 660. "No particular form of notice of entry of judgment is required." (National Advertising Co. v. Rohnert Park (1984) 160 Cal. App. 3d 614, 618 206 Cal. Rptr. 696.) "Any notice in writing which will convey to a losing party that judgment has been entered is sufficient." (Ibid.) A conformed copy of the judgment showing the date of entry is sufficient for notice purposes. (Ibid.; Ramirez v. Moran (1988) 201 Cal. App. 3d 431, 436 247 Cal. Rptr. 117.) In courts where judgments are entered immediately upon filing, a file-stamped copy of the judgment gives notice of the fact and date of its entry. (Van Beurden Ins. Services, Inc. v. Customized Worldwide Weather Ins. Agency, Inc., supra, 15 Cal. 4th 51 at p. 57, fn. 2; Tri-County Elevator Co. v. Superior Court (1982) 135 Cal. App. 3d 271, 276 185 Cal. Rptr. 208; Hughes v. City of Pomona (1998) 63 Cal. App. 4th 772, 775-776 74 Cal. Rptr. 2d 344.) In San Diego County Superior Court, judgments are entered upon filing. (San Diego Super. Ct., Press Release (May 30, 1995) date of entry of judgment.)