People v. Goodwillie

In People v. Goodwillie (2007) 147 Cal.App.4th 695, the trial court, prosecutor and defense counsel misinformed the defendant that if he pleaded to two felony offenses, he could earn credits against his prison time only at 85 percent, not at 50 percent, because the offenses were serious felonies or strikes. (Id. at pp. 731-732.) After he was convicted on all counts, the trial court determined the defendant could, in fact, earn credit at 50 percent. (Id. at p. 732.) The defendant had, thus, been misinformed by all quarters as to the issue in concern at the hearing on the proposed negotiated disposition. The Court of Appeal concluded his due process rights had been violated and vacated the judgment. (Id. at pp. 734, 736, 738.)