Polanco Redevelopment Act

"The Polanco Act involves cleanup of the release of hazardous substances in the context of a redevelopment project" and "was enacted to provide a redevelopment agency with the means to require responsible parties to bear the costs of mitigating contamination on property within that agency's redevelopment project area." (Redevelopment Agency v. Salvation Army (2002) 103 Cal.App.4th 755, 765.) The Polanco Act enables redevelopment agencies to remove hazardous substances on a property within a redevelopment project area and/or recover costs for the remedial action from a "responsible party" if the redevelopment agency satisfies various conditions, including that "the redevelopment agency has provided the responsible party with a 60-day notice requesting a remedial action plan for the property." (103 Cal.App.4th at p. 765; see Health & Saf. Code, 33459.1, subd. (b)(2).) The definition of a "responsible party" under the statute includes the owner of the property. (Salvation Army, at pp. 770-771.)