Slip and Fall on Oil Puddle Underneath Store Counter

In Ahern v. S. H. Kress & Co. (1950) 97 Cal. App. 2d 691, 218 P.2d 108, "the oily puddle in which plaintiff fell was directly underneath the part of the counter that juts over the aisle, partly in the aisle and partly underneath. This counter contained paints, oils, paint remover and thinner and related substances. . . . There was no broken bottle, can, bag or anything similar on the floor near the puddle, from which this oily substance could have come. . . . There was a salesgirl of defendant store's on duty in charge of the counter. . . . from those facts the jury was entitled to draw an inference that the puddle was the result of some leakage from the contents of the counter, and . . . was also entitled to infer that this circular oily puddle, 12 inches in diameter, had taken some time to accumulate, because if it had accumulated rapidly it would not have been confined to such a small area." (Id. at p. 698.)