''Tourist Hotel'' Definition In California

The Hotel Ordinance defines "Tourist Hotel" as "any building containing six or more guest rooms intended or designated to be used for commercial tourist use by providing accommodation to transient guests on a nightly basis or longer." (Hotel Ord., 41.4, subd. (r).) It defines "Tourist Unit" as "a guest room which was not occupied on September 23, 1979, by a permanent resident or is certified as tourist unit [sic] pursuant to Sections 41.6, 41.7 or 41.8 below." (Hotel Ord., 41.4, subd. (s).) The Planning Code defines a tourist hotel as: "A retail use which provides tourist accommodations including guest rooms or suites, which are intended or designed to be used, rented, or hired out to guests (transient visitors) intending to occupy the room for less than 32 consecutive days. This definition also applies to buildings containing six or more guest rooms designated and certified as tourist units, under Chapter 41 of the San Francisco Administrative Code." ( 890.46.) Thus, the Planning Code defines tourist hotels both by their intended or designed use and by the designation of tourist units under the Hotel Ordinance.