Bowen v. Farmers Insurance Exchange

In Bowen v. Farmers Insurance Exchange, 929 P.2d 14 (Colo. App. 1996), the insured and the insurer disagreed over the amount of underinsured motorist benefits to which the insured was entitled. The insured sued the insurer for breach of contract, declaratory judgment, and requested prejudgment interest. The trial court awarded prejudgment interest from the date of the parties' stipulation to the tortfeasor's liability and damages, and the insured appealed. A division of this court held that an insurer is liable for prejudgment interest pursuant to 5-12-102 for underinsured motorist coverage from the date of the insurer's wrongful refusal or failure to pay, notwithstanding an arbitration provision. Bowen did not decide, however, whether there is an obligation to pay prejudgment interest in excess of the coverage.