Dawson v. State Compensation Insurance Authority

In Dawson v. State Compensation Insurance Authority, 811 P.2d 408 (Colo. App. 1990), the Court held that the State Compensation Insurance Authority (SCIA) was subject to the CORA even though it was not specifically included within the statutory definition of "political subdivision" in 24-72-202(5). The court determined that SCIA was a statutorily created political subdivision of the state which, for purposes of the CORA, was indistinguishable from other political subdivisions to which the CORA applied. Additionally, the Dawson court noted that in response to the supreme court's narrow construction of the term "institution" in Uberoi v. University of Colorado, 686 P.2d 785 (Colo. 1984), which held that the University of Colorado was not subject to the CORA, the General Assembly amended the CORA expressly to include the University of Colorado and other state institutions of higher learning. See 24-72-202(1.5), C.R.S. 2000.