Denver Dry Goods Company v. Gettman

In Denver Dry Goods Company v. Gettman (1969) 167 Colo. 539 448 P.2d 954, on a cold and slushy day, water was tracked in from time to time on the stairway of the defendant's store, and defendant's employees had mopped the area prior to the accident. The plaintiff slipped and fell on the stairs, noticing a puddle of water on the steps after she landed. Judgment for the plaintiff was upheld and the court rejected the same argument made by defendant in the instant case. "The defendant has also argued that it should have had a directed verdict for the reason that there was no evidence of actual or constructive notice to it of a dangerous condition. It was known to the defendant that snow was being deposited from the feet of customers on floors and stairways near the entrances and, on days such as this, it maintained a crew of about 30 persons engaged in mopping up moisture on the floors and stairways. It was known to the defendant that the steps of the marble stairway involved were worn and became slick when wet. By reason of these facts this issue became a question for the jury." (Id., at p. 956.)