Wheeler v. School District No. 20

In Wheeler v. School District No. 20, 188 Colo. 262, 535 P.2d 206 (1975), the supreme court determined that the power to re-assign a principal to a teaching position was delegable. In that case, the school board acted to relieve the petitioner of his administrative position, but the superintendent of schools reassigned him to a teaching position. Because the statute limited the discretion in assigning the teacher "to a teaching position for which he is qualified . . . if a vacancy exists in such a position," 22-63-114, C.R.S. 1973, the court concluded "the discretion granted to the superintendent was not overly broad, but was merely administrative in nature." Wheeler v. School District No. 20, supra, 188 Colo. at 267, 535 P.2d at 209.