Aposporos v. Urban Redevelopment Commission

In Aposporos v. Urban Redevelopment Commission, 259 Conn. 563, 790 A.2d 1167 (2002), the City of Stamford instituted a redevelopment plan that identified certain properties for redevelopment. 259 Conn. at 566. The plaintiffs, in that case, owned property in the same area but that property was not identified for redevelopment when the plan was passed. Id. Eventually, the city sought to acquire plaintiffs' property by amending the plan. In holding that the amendment of that plan was invalid, the Supreme Court of Connecticut stated that the city could not "make an initial finding of blight and rely on that finding indefinitely to amend and extend a redevelopment plan to respond to conditions that did not exist, or to accomplish objectives that were not contemplated, at the time that the original plan was adopted." Id. at 576-77.