B.A. Ballou and Company, Inc. v. Citytrust

In B.A. Ballou and Company, Inc. v. Citytrust, 218 Conn. 749, 591 A.2d 126, 130 (Conn. 1991), the court determined that where a bailed thing has been transformed and commingled, and where the bailee does not require or expect the identical thing to be returned--the bailee loses title to the thing claimed to be bailed. Id. The court noted that the most important factor is whether the thing delivered is identical to the thing returned. Id. The commingling of bailed goods does not, in and of itself, defeat a bailment. Id. at 129-30. But where the bailment is a "bailment locatio operis faciendi," and the bailed thing is to be commingled with other things--a different rule applies. Id. at 130.