Bartlett v. Bartlett

In Bartlett v. Bartlett, 220 Conn. 372, 599 A.2d 14 (1991), the defendant was the beneficiary of a revocable trust, the proceeds of which were to be distributed to him upon his mother's death. Id. at 374. Because the trust was revocable and its assets had not yet vested in the defendant, the court did not consider the trust proceeds when it first established the amount of alimony to which the plaintiff was entitled. Id. at 373-74. Following the death of the defendant's mother, the plaintiff sought a modification of alimony, claiming that because the defendant had received the inheritance there was a substantial change in circumstances since the original divorce decree. Id. at 374. The Court agreed with the plaintiff and held that because the defendant's inheritance vested upon the death of his mother "the trial court was bound to consider that inheritance in ruling on the motion for an increase in alimony, despite the fact that the assets of the inheritance had not yet been distributed to him." Id. at 380.