Beizer v. Goepfert

In Beizer v. Goepfert, 28 Conn. App. 693, 613 A.2d 1336, cert. denied, 224 Conn. 901, 615 A.2d 1044 (1992), cert. denied, 507 U.S. 973, 113 S. Ct. 1416, 122 L. Ed. 2d 786 (1993), the Court found that a complaint that included a claim for tortious interference with a contract was, nevertheless, founded in contract because the tortious interference claim was an integral part of the contract claim. The Court reasoned that even though the tortious interference claim sounded in negligence, it was intertwined sufficiently with the plaintiff's contract claim to be viewed fairly as a contract claim. Thus, we concluded, the matter had been referred properly to a fact finder as a contract action. Beizer v. Goepfert, supra, 28 Conn. App. 700-703. Accordingly, because Beizer did not involve two freestanding claims, one in contract and the other in tort, the fact finder's jurisdiction was not implicated.