Binette v. Sabo

In Binette v. Sabo, 244 Conn. 23, 710 A.2d 688 (1998), the Court recognized a private constitutional tort cause of action for money damages under article first, 7, of the constitution of Connecticut. In Binette, the complaint was sustained because of its specific allegations of an unreasonable, egregious search and seizure. The plaintiffs therein alleged that the defendants, Mahlon C. Sabo and Anthony A. Languell, had entered the home of the plaintiffs, Joseph A. Binette and Janet Binette, without permission or a warrant. "According to the complaint, Sabo threatened Janet Binette with arrest and imprisonment and pushed her, causing her to fall against a wall and over a table. The complaint also alleged that, outside the plaintiffs' home, Sabo repeatedly slammed Joseph Binette's head against a car and, further, that Languell, in the course of arresting Joseph Binette, struck him on the head and kicked him while he was lying on the ground experiencing an epileptic seizure." Binette v. Sabo, supra, 244 Conn. 26.