Bonamico v. Middletown

In Bonamico v. Middletown, 47 Conn. App. 758, 706 A.2d 1386 (1998), the minor plaintiff was in school when she was injured by a bean pellet that was thrown at her by a student while she was walking down a school corridor. Id., 759. The Court originally held that the complaint failed to allege sufficient facts to bring the case within the identifiable person-imminent harm exception to governmental immunity because the plaintiff could have been injured at any time in the future or not at all. Id., 762. The Supreme Court remanded the case to this court for reconsideration in light of Purzycki v. Fairfield, 244 Conn. 101. Bonamico v. Middletown, 244 Conn. 923, 714 A.2d 8 (1998). On remand, this court vacated its previous decision, reasoning that Purzycki v. Fairfield controlled and required a result contrary to that previously reached. Bonamico v. Middletown, 49 Conn. App. 605, 606, 713 A.2d 1291 (1998).