Buchholz's Appeal from Probate

In Buchholz's Appeal from Probate, 9 Conn. App. 413, 519 A.2d 615 (1987), the plaintiff father's appeal from the Probate Court's denial of his application to be named guardian for his adult mentally retarded daughter was dismissed for lack of aggrievement. Id., 413-14. In reversing the judgment of the trial court, we stressed the unique relationship between a parent and a child, as well as the fact that the appeal affected not mere pecuniary matters, but the "companionship, care, and control over the welfare" of the plaintiff's child. Id., 418. The Court went on to state that "attainment of majority cannot, of course, destroy the natural relationship existing between the parent and his child, and such relationship sometimes gives rise to rights and obligations different from those arising where the parties are strangers. Parent and child are the nearest blood relation to each other . . . ." Id., 419-20.