Doe v. Connecticut Bar Examining Committee

In Doe v. Connecticut Bar Examining Committee, 263 Conn. 39, 50, 818 A.2d 14 (2003), the respondent issued a decision recommending that the petitioner not be admitted to the bar. The petitioner then filed a petition requesting that the court admit him to the bar. The court reversed the respondent's decision and remanded the petitioner's petition to the respondent for a new hearing before a different panel of the respondent to determine the petitioner's present fitness to practice law. Id., at 44. The Court concluded that there was sufficient evidence in the record to support the respondent's finding about the petitioner's moral character. Id., at 58. The court, therefore, remanded the matter to the trial court with direction to render judgment for the respondent on the petitioner's petition for admission to the bar. Id., at 70.