Draper v. Draper

In Draper v. Draper, 40 Conn. App. 570, 672 A.2d 522 (1996), the defendant claimed that the trial court improperly failed to make a specific finding on the record of the amount of the child support required by the guidelines before deciding whether and to what extent the award should deviate therefrom as mandated by Favrow v. Vargas, 231 Conn. 25-29. On appeal, this court held: "We first note that the defendant's reliance on Favrow is misplaced. Favrow's requirement that a specific finding of the amount of support required by the child support guidelines must be made on the record was not established until 1994, when that case was decided. The present case preceded Favrow, and we will not apply Favrow retroactively in these circumstances." Draper v. Draper, supra, 573.