Ecker v. West Hartford

In Ecker v. West Hartford, 205 Conn. 219, 240-41, 530 A.2d 1056 (1987), the Court opined: "We cannot conclude that General Statutes 52-555 is unconstitutional under article first, 20, merely because the three year period it contains is unfair at times. Statutes of limitation find their justification in necessity and convenience rather than logic. . . . There is no reason, constitutional or otherwise, which prevents the legislature from establishing a three year time period that runs from the date of the act or omission complained of, as was done here, even though at that date no person had sustained damage and therefore no cause of action had come into existence. . . . It is not the function of the court to alter a legislative policy merely because it produces unfair results. . . . Individual rights and remedies must at times and of necessity give way to the interests and needs of society." Id.