Fitzhugh v. Fitzhugh

In Fitzhugh v. Fitzhugh, 156 Conn. 625, 627, 239 A.2d 513 (1968), the Court held that "the allegation in the plaintiff son's motion for appeal that he is the only child of the incapable person does not bestow on him a real interest in the matter in controversy." In Fitzhugh v. Fitzhugh, supra, 156 Conn. 625, the plaintiff son appealed from the decree of the Probate Court accepting the account of the conservator, the incapable person's wife. The son alleged that he was the only child and an interested party in connection with the estate. Id., 625-26. The court, in upholding the trial court's dismissal of the appeal, concluded that the son had failed to support his claim of aggrievement with the necessary factual allegations. Id., 626-27.