Gay v. Zoning Board of Appeals

In Gay v. Zoning Board of Appeals, 59 Conn. App. 380, 757 A.2d 61 (2000), the Court concluded that a subdivision lot properly approved in 1950 was not required to conform to subsequent changes in zoning regulations, per 8-26a (b), that building on the nonconforming lot would be permitted and that a variance would not be required. Id. at 386-88. In Gay, the trial court held that " General Statutes 8-26a (b) . . . applies to the plaintiffs' case . . . ." Gay v. Zoning Board of Appeals, supra, 59 Conn. App. at 383-84. We affirmed the court's judgment, but noted that "the defendant does not attack the validity of the application of 8-26a (b) to the plaintiffs' lot . . . ." Id. at 383 n.5.