Golino v. Pereira

In Golino v. Pereira, Superior Court, judicial district of Hartford, Docket No. 802482, (November 5, 2001) (30 Conn. L. Rptr. 650), in which the Court stated that "trial courts have struggled to find a consistent and fair means of resolving disputes as to the timeliness of motions to open . . . . A recurring theme . . . is the question of when the prior case terminated, when the context is an order granting a nonsuit unless compliance is made by a date in the future. . . . Other Superior Court decisions have decided that the only workable solution is to fix the operative date as the date of the sending of notice that the nonsuit . . . has actually entered. . . . Notions of fairness require the sending of a noncontingent notice stating that the nonsuit has entered, and the time allowed for pursuing the next step runs from the sending of that notice." Id.