Hogle v. Hogle

In Hogle v. Hogle, 167 Conn. 572, 356 A.2d 172 (1975), the Court had the opportunity to analyze policy language similar to that at issue in the present case while discussing an exclusionary clause in a homeowner's insurance policy. In Hogle, the court stated that "it is generally understood that for liability for an accident or an injury to be said to 'arise out of' the 'use' of an automobile for the purpose of determining coverage under the appropriate provisions of a liability insurance policy, it is sufficient to show only that the accident or injury 'was connected with,' 'had its origins in,' 'grew out of,' 'flowed from,' or 'was incident to' the use of the automobile, in order to meet the requirement that there be a causal relationship between the accident or injury and the use of the automobile." Id., 577.