In re Christine F

In In re Christine F., 6 Conn. App. 360, 369, 505 A.2d 734, cert. denied, 199 Conn. 808, 809, 508 A.2d 769, 770 (1986) the Court considered the factors set forth in General Statutes 17-43a (d), the predecessor to 17-112 (e), and also found that a loving relationship existed between the mother and child. In that case, the mother argued that the evidence of this loving relationship had not been given proper weight and should have precluded a finding that termination was in the child's best interest. Id. The Court went on to state that "where, as here, the record reveals that the trial court's ultimate conclusions are supported by clear and convincing evidence, we will not reach an opposite conclusion on the basis of any one segment of the many factors considered in a termination proceeding . . . ." Id., 369-70.