In re Vincent B

In In re Vincent B., 73 Conn. App. 637, 646, 809 A.2d 1119 (2002), cert. denied, 262 Conn. 934, 815 A.2d 136 (2003) the department determined that because the respondent father had failed to benefit from its services to achieve reunification with his two other children, he also would be unwilling, or unable, to benefit from any services aimed at reunification with the child who was the subject of the termination petition in that case. Id., 642. The Court noted that the respondent in In re Vincent B. may have failed to benefit from the department's services in the past due to a problem with alcohol. Id., 645. The respondent, however, had undergone treatment and was sober during his attempts to reunite with the child at issue, a factor that increased the possibility that he might benefit from such services. Id., 646. As such, the Court required that reasonable efforts by the department be utilized to assist the respondent to formulate an appropriate plan to achieve reunification. Id., 646-47.