Jones v. Ricker

In Jones v. Ricker, 172 Conn. 572, 375 A.2d 1034 (1977), the plaintiffs sought a writ of mandamus to order a town planning and zoning commission to issue a certificate of approval for a subdivision plan. Several owners of nearby property filed a motion to intervene as party defendants, and their motion was denied. Id. 172 Conn. at 574. Subsequently, the trial court rendered judgment ordering that the certificate be issued and, after judgment was rendered, the would-be intervenors appealed from the denial of their motion to intervene. The Supreme Court dismissed that appeal as moot. Id.,172 Conn. at 577. The court held that the appeal was moot because the mandamus action was no longer pending, and the only relief sought by the plaintiff in the action had been granted and executed. Id.,172 Conn. at 576. The Supreme Court held that under those circumstances, no practical relief could be afforded the would-be intervenors who had opposed the issuance of the certificate. Id., 172 Conn. at 577.