Keenan v. Union Camp Corp

In Keenan v. Union Camp Corp., 49 Conn. App. 280, 282, 714 A.2d 60 (1998) the plaintiff claimed that injuries he sustained when he fell down a flight of stairs resulted from an earlier compensable back injury he sustained during the course of his employment. Id., 284. The board reversed the commissioner's decision to award the plaintiff benefits for those injuries. Id., 282. The board reasoned that because the commissioner failed to cite any expert medical evidence concerning causation in her findings, she was barred from relying on such evidence in reaching her award. Id., 284. In Keenan, we reversed the decision of the board and upheld the commissioner's award, reasoning that nothing required the commissioner to "patently state every piece of credible evidence or testimony that contributed to the rendering of her decision." Id., 285. The Court upheld the award because the "commissioner had before her various medical reports and opinions, medical records and testimony from which she could properly determine whether [the plaintiff's] fall . . . was causally related to his prior, compensable . . . injury." Id., 285-86.