Kish v. Nursing & Home Care, Inc

In Kish v. Nursing & Home Care, Inc., 248 Conn. 379, 727 A.2d 1253 (1999), "the plaintiff (1) was at a place where she was reasonably entitled to be because (2) it was necessary to be where she was in order to fulfill the duties of her employment. The facts in support of this conclusion may be stated briefly. The defendant authorized the plaintiff to drive in the vicinity where she was injured; in fact, the defendant required her to do so in the performance of her duties, and compensated her both for her mileage and for the time that she spent on the road between patients. At the time of her injury, the plaintiff--a professional nurse--was attempting to obtain a medical necessity for a patient who desperately needed it." Id., 384-85. "The plaintiff's 'ultimate work' consisted of bringing medical care to the homes of patients; this is precisely what she was doing when she was injured." Id., 385.