Legg v. Legg

In Legg v. Legg, 44 Conn. App. 303, 688 A.2d 1354 (1997), the parties' son enrolled in Quinnipiac College in the fall of 1994 and lived at home with his mother to reduce expenses. The father refused to pay the cost of his son's living expenses because the young man was living at home rather than on campus. Legg v. Legg, supra, 44 Conn. App. at 305-306. In Legg we stated: "The stipulation of the parties made clear their intention to pay for the room and board of their children when they attended college. These items have a dollar value, whether incurred on or off campus, and each party agreed to pay one half of that value. Nowhere in the agreement is there a specification that requires the child to live on campus for the parents to be responsible for room and board expenses. The defendant could have incorporated such a specification into the stipulation had he wanted, but he did not. If the son had lived on campus, the evidence indicated that the father's share of room and board would greatly exceed $ 750." Id., 307.