Maloney v. Taplin

In Maloney v. Taplin, 154 Conn. 247, 224 A.2d 731 (1966), the plaintiff, "'the nephew and former ward of the alleged incompetent'"; id., 248; appealed from the decision of the Probate Court appointing a conservator over certain of his aunt's property. Id., 248-49. The Court held that "the plaintiff's allegation is that he is a nephew, former ward and prospective heir of the person for whom the conservatorship application has been made. The mere possibility of future inheritance cannot support an appeal by one who is not otherwise directly aggrieved." Id., 250. The court went on to explain that the rationale for such a rule is to prevent appeals made on the basis of mere speculation rather than on actual fact. Id., 251. The court also stated that the plaintiff failed to identify in his complaint the specific legal duty he had to protect the interests of his aunt. Id.