Morris v. Hartford Courant Co

In Morris v. Hartford Courant Co., 200 Conn. 676, 680, 513 A.2d 66 (1986), the defendant employer cited misappropriation of company funds as its reason for the plaintiff employee's termination. The plaintiff had brought an action in tort for wrongful discharge, claiming that his employer's false accusations of criminal conduct violated public policy. The Court determined that the plaintiff's claim of wrongful discharge did not fall within the narrow Sheets exception (Sheets v. Teddy's Frosted Foods, Inc ) to the terminable at-will rule because the plaintiff had not identified any public policy that was "affronted by his termination." Id., 680. The plaintiff failed to allege a violation of any explicit statutory or constitutional provision. Id. Moreover, the plaintiff did not allege the contravention of any judicially conceived notion of public policy. Id. The Court, therefore, held that an accusation of criminal conduct does not derive from an important violation of public policy and denied the plaintiff's requested relief. Id.