Paige v. Town Plan & Zoning Commission

In Paige v. Town Plan & Zoning Commission, 235 Conn. 448, 668 A.2d 340 (1995) the Court discussed when zoning commissions are required to consider alternatives pursuant to 22a-19 (b). In Paige, the Supreme Court stated that "by its plain terms, General Statutes 22a-19 (b) requires the consideration of alternative plans only where the commission first determines that it is reasonably likely that the project would cause unreasonable pollution, impairment or destruction of the public trust in the natural resource at issue. . . . In view of the factors and standards that govern the determination in each case, any fear that a broad definition will cause alternative plans to be required in virtually every case is plainly unwarranted." Paige v. Town Plan & Zoning Commission, supra, at 462-63.