Pearl v. Nelson

In Pearl v. Nelson, 13 Conn. App. 170, 534 A.2d 1257 (1988), the Court upheld the trial court's decision permitting the presentation of expert evidence by an attorney who had sued a former client to recover fees for legal services. The client objected to the admissibility of this evidence on the ground that the attorney could not recover in the absence of a fee agreement because the attorney had failed to state a claim in quantum meruit in his pleadings. We agreed with the trial court that the complaint contained the necessary pleading. In the process of resolving this procedural issue, we noted that although "courts have a general knowledge of what would be a reasonable attorney's fee . . . the subject is not one which is within the ordinary knowledge and experience of jurors." Pearl v. Nelson, supra, 13 Conn. App. 172.