Samrov v. Samrov

In Samrov v. Samrov, 6 Conn. App. 591, 594, 506 A.2d 1077 (1986), where the defendant, who lived outside the state of Connecticut, challenged the effect of a judgment of strict foreclosure of a judgment lien against him, on the basis that there was neither in personam nor quasi in rem jurisdiction over him, the Court held: "In order that a valid judgment may be rendered against a nonresident upon whom it is claimed that constructive service has been made, General Statutes 52-284 must be strictly observed and the facts showing compliance with it must appear of record." General Statutes 52-284 provides: "When the defendant is not a resident or inhabitant of this state and has estate within the same which has been attached, a copy of the process and complaint, with a return describing the estate attached, shall be left by the officer with the agent or attorney of the defendant in this state if known; and when land is attached, a like copy shall be left in the office of the town clerk of the town where the land lies. In addition, the court to which such action is returnable, or any judge, clerk or assistant clerk thereof shall make such order of notice to the defendant as is deemed reasonable to apprise him of the institution or pendency of such complaint and attachment. Such notice, having been given and proved, shall be deemed sufficient service of process in such action, and such attachment shall thereupon become effective against such estate and the defendant in such action."