Stamford v. Kovac

In Stamford v. Kovac, 31 Conn. App. 599, 626 A.2d 792 (1993), rev'd on other grounds, 229 Conn. 627, 642 A.2d 1190 (1994), the Court noted that an objection to a reference made on the date a hearing was to commence was timely, but concluded that under the circumstances of the case, the defendant's claimed objection really was a request to revoke a reference to which the defendant earlier had consented, which request the court properly refused. Stamford v. Kovac, supra, 31 Conn. App. 603-604. In that case, however, "the matter had been previously scheduled several times over the course of the prior year for trial before an attorney trial referee with the consent of the parties, only to be continued to a later date, and . . . the objection was made on the date of trial after the court had ordered no further postponements." 31 Conn. App. at 604.