State v. Baxter

In State v. Baxter, 19 Conn. App. 304, 563 A.2d 721 (1989), the defendant was arrested and charged with having violated the terms of his probation. The information in that case was at variance with the affidavit in support of the arrest warrant. Id. at 305. The Court held that the defendant was not prejudiced by the variance between the information and the affidavit because "the defendant's conduct of his defense was based on the warrant and its accompanying affidavit, as was the state's presentation of its case for the revocation of the defendant's probation. The affidavit on which the warrant was based was extremely specific, and the hearing was held based on the allegations in the affidavit. The defendant, therefore, was not prejudiced by the lack of specificity in the information." Id. at 308-309.