State v. Burgos

In State v. Burgos, 7 Conn. App. 265, 508 A.2d 795 (1986), the defendant claimed that the trial court improperly concluded that the search warrant for his residence satisfied the particularity requirement of the fourth amendment. Id., 266-68. The warrant at issue authorized a search of the following location: " # 76 West Avenue, Willimantic, CT, a green two story wood framed structure containing four separate apartments facing the building from West Avenue, two doors colored white are visible, entrance to 76 is gained from left side door, which has 76 in black to the left of it." Id., 267. Thus, the description of the place to be searched indicated that the defendant lived in a multiunit dwelling. See id. Moreover, "in addition to the description recited above, the warrant directed the executing officer to the affidavit which contained numerous references to the apartment at 76 West Street as being the residence of the defendant." Id., 269. This court concluded that the warrant was sufficiently particular. Id.