State v. Crnkovic

In State v. Crnkovic, 68 Conn. App. 757, 793 A.2d 1139, cert. denied, 260 Conn. 925, 797 A.2d 521 (2002), the defendant claimed that the prosecutor had improperly vouched for the credibility of the state's witnesses and otherwise expressed his personal opinions about the evidence during his summation and rebuttal argument to the jury. State v. Crnkovic, supra, at 769. The Court determined, however, that although the prosecutor's description of the police officers' testimony as "credible," "forthright," "honest" and "not cagey" was objectionable and improper, the comments were isolated and did not constitute a pattern of serious misconduct throughout the trial. Id., at 771-72. Moreover, the trial court's instructions to the jury were adequate to cure any possible prejudice to the defendant that might have occurred. Id.